Toddler Santa Mitten Craft 

How adorable is this craft? Have a look at how you can make Santa’s mittens with your little ones over at Gruada Creations. 🙂

Gruada Creations

Simple, cute and a memory to keep for mommy!

For the toddler… it’s just fun.

I love Christmas Crafts with the kiddos.

Here is what you need for Santa mittens:

  • Red construction paper
  • White construction paper
  • White paint
  • Scissors
  • Elmers glue
  • Toddler hand

Step 1: Trace your toddlers hand like a mitten.

Step 2: cut the mitten out

Step 3: cut out cloud like shapes with the white paper and glue it to your mitten. Like so…

Step 4: dip your toddlers hand in white paint and press it on the mitten. Like this…

Simple, cheap, fun and cute!

It makes a great keepsake mommy!

~Gruada Mom~

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