On The 21st Day Of #Blogmas – My Mom’s Christmas Traditions


I feel like a #blogmas backslider, because this post comes a day late. I think the closer Christmas comes, the more my excitement grows to the point that I can’t focus or string a sentence together. This is mostly because Mr is coming home soon. The thought of this gives me butterflies. It’s so silly, but I’m grateful that I still get this feeling when I think of him. So back to #blogmas and this post.

I had a chat with my mom earlier this week about Christmas and the traditions she grew up with and what she passed on to me. It was really fun to talk to her about it and we had a good laugh about some of them.

Christmas Eve was filled with excitement for her. They would have their hair done, bake and cook some Christmas goodies and get new sleepwear.

My grandparents and great grandparents would buy new carpeting, curtains and homewear to decorate the house with on Christmas Eve.

They would get new Christmas clothes for church and afterwards. (Something she passed on to me as well)

Christmas day was filled with family, friends, presents and food.

I must say that not much has changed. The kids’ Christmas presents are wrapped, my Mom’s curtains and cushions are made and ready for Christmas day. We’ve already begun the Christmas clean. Some treats have already been made, my son has new sleepwear and she has an appointment at the salon on Friday. The food is always a given.

I must say that I don’t really go all out like she does, but I do love giving gifts and wrapping them.

What were your parents traditions that you’ve kept? What are your fondest Christmas memories? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off


5 thoughts on “On The 21st Day Of #Blogmas – My Mom’s Christmas Traditions

  1. Beautiful post. My memories are many. There weren’t many presents. Six kids and parents on a truck drivers salary in the forties and fifties didn’t amount to much. My mom could crochet so we all got new mittens, hats, scarfs, purchased items were, pajamas, socks and underwear. Stockings were filled with little toys, Christmas candy, and usually and orange or apple. One toy each and one big gift like a record player or a portable radio that we would have to share. But, the food and baked goods were abundant. Many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends always filled our home from Christmas Eve right through to New Years Day. I remember my mom baking bread, cookies and giving it to some families, as gifts, and anyone who was going to be alone was always at our table. Even the priest that Baptized all of us was always there. The nicest thing I remember is the decorations and our Christmas Tree and the manger my dad made. Right after midnight mass we would come home and sit around the tree and sing Happy Birthday to baby Jesus and then my mom would bring a cake in the living room all lit up with candles and we would blow them out and eat the cake. That was the best. :o)


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