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On The 22nd Day of #Blogmas -Our First Christmas Together

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Christmas will always be special for me. Mr and I will be spending our fifth Christmas together this year, that is a blessing on its own. We met in November of 2011 and I definitely felt an instant connection with him, so much so that I invited him to join me and my family over Christmas weekend.

This was no easy feat and looking back this could have been such a huge disaster. My parents rented a holiday home in the seaside town of Hermanus for Christmas weekend. My family members from both sides were there. We were clearly very into each other, because I had never allowed a boyfriend to meet all those family members before. He must have been into me to accept such an invitation from a relative stranger and still stick around after meeting my family. đŸ™‚

The weekend went off without a hitch and he was able to get a front and centre view of my family. Everyone behaved themselves and it has become a sweet memory for us ever since.

What was your first Christmas with your partner like? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off

One thought on “On The 22nd Day of #Blogmas -Our First Christmas Together

  1. Am yet to get a partner but it’s very likely to be a disaster because my family is
    I have been away from WordPress for a while I missed reading you


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