Self-Editing Your Novel: The Final Steps

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It’s editing time again, with this being our last post on how to self-edit your novel. Now you’ve completed our other three sets of tips, it’s time to look at polishing your manuscript off. You’ve made all the big changes, so stay with us to do those little adjustments that’ll make it shine.

find and replace

Take a look at your chapter headings. Are they just numbers, or do they have names, or both? Either way, they need to be consistent. Choose whether you want to use the actual numbers (1, 2, 3) or whether you want to write them out (one, two, three). And how are you capitalising the words in your chapter titles? Are they all in lower case, or does every word start with a capital letter? Whatever you choose, make sure this style stays the same throughout.

Consistency in spelling is also something you want to be aware of…

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