It is Cricket Season – The lesson I learned from an unlikely source

So it’s cricket season here.


Not this cricket…


This one.

I’m definitely not a cricket fan, last year a few decided that our bathroom would be the perfect place for an orchestral performance. Mr had to deal with that one – I can’t even look at them.

There’s one cricket (let’s name him Jeremy) who has decided that my windowsill is the perfect place to play his sombre song night after night. This annoyed me at first, but then I thought what is the cricket really doing?

Jeremy waits all morning and afternoon in the green lawn opposite my window ledge, eagerly awaiting the moment he can play his song for the first time. His mother told him many stories of how he will meet his soulmate by playing this song. He has no idea what his soulmate looks like, but often wonders if he has seen her before, perhaps…

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One thought on “It is Cricket Season – The lesson I learned from an unlikely source

  1. The problem is they usually hide and you can only hear them. I’m not scared of them, but the constant song at night makes it hard to sleep. Hearing a bunch of them from an open window in summer is very different. It’s the lone charmer in an apartment that’s irritating.


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