Success Comes From Building Healthy Habits

A Measured Life

motivation1“Andrea, what do you do when you don’t feel motivated?” is a question I get asked.  A LOT.

For a long time I didn’t really know how to answer. I’d simply respond with “I just do it anyway.” (And, I may be guilty of saying “Motivation is bullshit.” Because I really think it is.)

But recently I read a friend’s blog on SparkPeople.com about motivation and healthy habits, and suddenly it dawned on me:

I don’t think about motivation, because eating well and exercising has become a habit.

As of this writing I’ve logged into SparkPeople.com every day for the past 819 days. That’s more than two years solid of tracking my food and working out at least 5 days a week.

Are all my workouts stellar? No.

Is all my eating perfect? Hell no!

But I do it. Every. Damn. Day.

I get up in the morning and while…

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