Putting Too Much Time Into Dead Friendships

Rosie Culture

We weigh our relationships by importance. Sometimes family comes first, sometimes your significant other, sometimes your friends.

The only problem with this is when we put too much weight into a friendship that has been long gone. A friendship where you have been laying on the effort and none has been given back in return.

It might be your first instinct to try to fix this dead friendship again. But more often than not, you’ll find yourself trying to fix it again just a short time later.

Stop putting so much time into dead friendships, relationships, whatever. Slow down and evaluate how much you’re really benefiting from the friendship. If it’s a whole lot of drama, a whole lot of heart ache, a lot of unanswered texts and plans that get canceled – you don’t need it.

Stop putting all your effort on one side of the scale, because…

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3 thoughts on “Putting Too Much Time Into Dead Friendships

  1. I just listened to a video by Ajahn Brahm from Wisedrugged blog, all about the ways of letting go. There may be a few words of wisdom there for you too.


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