How To Start A Blog: For Beginners! / Tutorial 😊

A really helpful blog post on how to start a blog for beginners that I found on Le Petit Blog. 🙂


Lately, my friends had been asking me a lot of things about blogging and how much I know about it- well..? I don’t know much, but I know how to start-! One of my classmate, Chinnie, asked me if I could do her a favor and make a simple tutorial on how to start a blog.

If you’re a person who’s interest on starting your own blog then this post is probably for you, too!

Step 1. What’s your BLOG about? / Pre-Blogging Phase

Of course, first thing’s first- Before starting your own blog, you must first know what type of content you’re going to make in the future. This part is very crucial- because without content your blog will be boring and empty- lol.  In my case, I posts random things such as tips, what happened on a specific day, my hobbies/interests, recommendations, photos of plants, poetry, and some advertisement…

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3 thoughts on “How To Start A Blog: For Beginners! / Tutorial 😊

    1. People don’t need to follow you to view it. They can simply Google your blog name or find it on WordPress. I find that posting often (once a day) increases traffic and following and reading other blogger’s posts work as well. All the best! ❤


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