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Top 5 Renovation Tips From A Serial Renovator

Top 5 Renovation Tips From A Serial Renovator

I’m a serial renovator. It’s not actually my fault, because I come from a DIY family. My dad has always been building or painting something at home throughout my childhood and this trait bled into my adulthood and relationship with Mr. We’ve painted and knocked down walls in our home, removed tiles and geysers. Weeded and primped the garden till every room in our home had changed into what we had envisioned. Then I did it all over again late last year.

That renovation will definitely not be my last, partly because I’m a sucker for punishment and the other is because I’m secretly addicted to renovating and beautifying my home. I love keeping up with trends and incorporating them in small and (sometimes) big ways. I spend hours watching The Home Channel to pick up tips and tricks from experts. I’m also convinced that I would kick ass if I competed on a home renovation show like House Rules. I will totally crumble if I had to compete on Masterchef, Chopped or My Kitchen Rules. The Amazing Race will send Mr and I straight to divorce court, because we would argue about which way to go (I’m completely directionless, but I believe I give the best instructions. J Please don’t tell him). I don’t think I will survive Survivor either so a renovation show with some prize money would be perfect for me to compete in.

I’ve learnt a few things during the past few renovations and I would love to share my top 5 renovation tips with you:

  1. Pad the budget – There are always unexpected expenses that come up after you’ve started renovating. This can be as little as buying extra rolls of sandpaper to replacing an entire geyser/ water heating unit. Always leave some wiggle room for these contingencies.
  2. Leave certain things to the experts – We’ve done our fair share of renovating and DIY projects, but we wouldn’t touch electrical, plumbing or tiling elements of our home. Know your limits and get some quotes for the best expert that fits your budget. DIYing these things may lead to bigger headaches and more expense in the long run.
  3. Shop around – I love bargain hunting (something I inherited from my Dad). I always keep an eye out for flyers, promotional brochures and sales that will be advertised in the local paper. I also signed up for newsletters on our favourite hardware and plumbing stores websites. This has saved us a whole lot of cash and time.
  4. Use Pinterest as inspiration – I love Pinterest and used it extensively throughout our renovations. I loved creating look books and gathering ideas that I may not have thought about or it would inspire me to try something new in our home. We would often edit and tailor the Pinterest ideal idea to our budget and space constraints. It’s worked really well for us so far.
  5. Don’t Be Afraid To Paint – A lick of paint is an easy and effective way to change a room from drab to amazing. Mr and I enjoyed painting our home together (the first time). The paint didn’t come out too even, but it brought us closer. We loved admiring our shoddy workmanship and thinking ‘we did that’.


What are your renovation tips? Are you a serial renovator like me? Let me know by commenting below! I’d love to hear from you.


Love and Blessings,



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One thought on “Top 5 Renovation Tips From A Serial Renovator

  1. I’m not a serial renovator lol but I do like doing stuff around the house. It’s a nice sense of accomplishment to make something pretty and know you did it yourself. These are great tips by the way. 🙂


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