My Top Tips For An Awesome About Me Page

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Your reader has just peeled over your funny or helpful blog post and they want to know more about the amazing writer behind the post, but you have a vague or non-existent about me page. They leave your blog feeling deflated and probably won’t visit it again. I’m here to change all of that for you and your reader in this short, but impactful post on how to create the perfect About Me page that you and your reader will love.

Here’s my formula to About Me page success:

Download this free questionnaire Questions To Answer Before Writing Your About Me Page.


Grab your reader’s attention with a short, punchy headline that makes them want to continue reading your page.


Hone their interest by telling your reader who you are and where you come from.

Write a brief synopsis of your career or what you do, your relevant…

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4 thoughts on “My Top Tips For An Awesome About Me Page

  1. Lindsey, several posts back you wrote about where you get your art from,,,,sites that you get your art from. I can’t find that post again but would like that advice, can you send that post or tell me via my blog where to find those sites? Chad

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      1. Thanks so much, I found the story in the reader. Now if I can just figure out how to put groups of pics togther like a collage like the blogger you follow who has the pictures of Spain

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