Designing Your Blog Part 1 – Colour Choice

The second lot of A to Z Challenge posts for the letter D on my new blog Lindsay Lovin’ Life. Please have a look.

Designing Your Blog Part One - Colour Choice.jpgDHi there and welcome to the first Designing Your Blog class. I hope this course is helpful to you on your journey as a blogger. Colour choice is so important, especially when starting a new blog, because colours have different meanings and make people feel a certain way.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when starting a blog or rebranding one:

1.  What is your favourite colour? Why do you like it?

2.  Which colours make you feel good? Why?

3.  Which colours inspire you?

4.  How can you incorporate these colours into your blog?

5.  How do you want your blog colours to make your reader feel?

Feel free to click this link and download a further explanation on colours and the psychological effect they have on us: Colour Meanings.
Which colour/s do you use on your blog? Let me know…

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7 thoughts on “Designing Your Blog Part 1 – Colour Choice

      1. Thank you! I not very skilled when it comes to my blog design at least compared to other bloggers. But I have been becoming more comfortable and not comparing as much as I used to. It really helps me love my blog more/want to write more. As odd as that may sound.


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