Designing Your Blog Part 2 – Essentials Every Blog Needs

Part 2 of the Designing Your Blog Series. I’m discussing essentials every blog needs. Does your blog have all these essentials or do you have some adjustments to make? Check it out over at Lindsay Lovin’ Life.

Designing Your Blog Part 2 Essentials Every Blog Needs.jpg

I love how each blog has its own identity and personality that often reflects the blogger behind it. There are some essentials that these blogs have in common. These essentials make for a better user experience and lead to more readers over all.

The essentials are as follows:

  • An about me page
  • A contact page – so your readers and possible clients/brands can get a hold of you.
  • An uncluttered menu – Only list the essentials on your menu. Leave the rest to your sidebar.
  • Good quality images – visuals matter to your reader so use the best quality images that you’ve taken or find some on stock sites.
  • No more than 3 legible fonts – multiple mismatched fonts create confusion for your reader and make your blog look untidy and unprofessional. Take the less is more approach to fonts.
  • Search bar – A search bar is essential for the…

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