Designing Your Blog Part 3: Fontamentals

New on Lindsay Lovin’ Life. How to choose and combine fonts for your blog.

Designing Your Blog Part Three FontamentalsF.jpg

Choosing a font for your blog or website might be a daunting task if you have no experience in design. So I’m here to help with the fontamentals so you can choose the best one for your blog.

So what’s the point of a font?

The object of a font is to be read. So the font you choose should be as legible as possible.

Types of fonts:

There are many different types of fonts that belong to different font families. These font families include:

Font Family.jpg

What are the most popular fonts for blogs?


Times New Roman

Courier New




Tips on choosing fonts:

  • Use sans serif fonts for long pieces of text
  • Use bigger font sizes
  • Go bold to grab attention
  • Avoid Italics if possible, because they are difficult to read
  • Allow your font to breathe by allowing enough white space between…

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