I am what’s wrong but #ZumaMustFall

Crossroads and Conquests

I started writing [this] on Monday but I didn’t get a chance to finish it until today, Friday, the day of the Save South Africa protest. By the time this is posted, the marches would be over.

cropped-Untitled-mmmm2 Image credit: thepeoplesmotion.org.za

Before my message to my boss (posted here), I was decided on going to the protest organized by Save South Africa. I was told by hubby not to join any of the marches because of the tendency of protests to be violent, not from the protesters but from those against the peaceful protests of the people of South Africa who are sick and tired of the President’s blatant disregard of the South African people and the Constitution.

After receiving my boss’s response to my message, I was still determined to go.

But, I didn’t! I did not go to the Union Buildings.

I am what’s wrong…

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