Outline Your Book The Easy Way

I’ve finally caught up with the A-Z Challenge prompt of the day with my tips for Outlining Your Book The Easy Way. Whether this is your first book or your tenth, you’d want to check this post out to write your book quickly and logically.

Outline Your Book The Easy WayO

So you have an idea or title for your fiction or non โ€“fiction book and you would like to start writing it, but you have no clue where to begin. Outlining your book is the best place to start! This may sound like a boring exercise, but if you skip it you may forget some topics you wanted to cover initially and have to go back and try to incorporate it into your story again. By outlining from the outset you will ensure that all your subjects are covered in the best way possible and save yourself some writing time as well. Outlining is a logical exercise, but it can definitely help you to produce your best product possible.

Here are my steps to outline success:

Decide how many chapters you need.

Your chapter number depends on what type of book you intend to write.

A literary novel usually hasโ€ฆ

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