43 Words Every Writer Should know

Improve your english vocabulary while fine-tuning your dSLR front/back focusW

There are loads of writing and publishing terms that are said to writers daily. You may have come across it in a blog post or article and thought “hmm, I’m not sure what that word means,” but don’t fret! I’ve compiled a list of common phrases and definitions, so let’s get started:

  1. Alliteration – Repeating the same sound in successive words, usually starting with the same letter.
  2. Ambiance –The mood of a scene or setting.
  3. Antagonist – An opponent or person who is hostile towards something.
  4. Anti-hero – A repulsive character, but not a villain.
  5. Archetypes – A typical character, action or situation that shows universal patterns of human nature.
  6. Audience –The people who read your book.
  7. Broad appeal – A variety of readers can identify with the story.
  8. Character-driven – The internal conflict experienced by the protagonist is what drives the plot forward.
  9. Characterization –How an…

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