Writing Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make

Do you consider yourself a new blogger? Or are you more established? Do you make these mistakes? Check it out over at Lindsay Lovin’ Life.

writing mistakes newbie bloggers makeW

We all make mistakes and the good thing is that we always have time to go back and improve on our skills. These mistakes are usually made by new or newer bloggers and writers, but some of these can be made by experienced bloggers as well. Let’s take a closer look at these common mistakes and how to correct them:

  1. Writing long paragraphs with no breaks –Keep your paragraphs short and interesting with images , photographs, bold or colour fonts in between.
  2. Not writing strategically –Your blog posts should help you achieve your blog goals and help your readers as well.
  3. Writing in a way that bores your reader – Write in a way that’s easy to understand, quick to read and free of unnecessary jargon. Write as you speak, make your writing friendly, conversational and welcoming.
  4. Too many mistakes –Make sure that your post is free…

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6 thoughts on “Writing Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make

      1. You certainly didn’t – I suppose although I have a history (way back, I work in theatre now) as an English teacher, I’ve got more tolerant of poor grammar if what is being said is worth reading (although NOT apostrophes!)


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