A-Z Challenge Reflection/Meet & Greet!

Check out this post A to Z Challenge hosted by the lovely Niki of Niki’s Thoughts. Let’s discuss if we survived the challenge and what you thought of it this year. Don’t forget to show Niki some love too! ❤

A Texan's View of Upstate New York

This year’s A-Z challenge was a little different. I didn’t like it as much as when there was a simple linkys list to look through. This year, having to share the link each day in a comment became a pain about halfway through. And there was no way to find out if it was wordpress, blogger, etc. until you clicked on it. I only had a couple of visitors to my site that don’t already follow me, compared to a lot more in the past with the linky lists.

But, writing wise, I feel very proud of myself! I didn’t have to catch up on a single day this year! I started out writing the post at night and having it scheduled to post the next day, but realized I had the time to actually write that day’s post on that day, so after a week I stop scheduling the…

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