#TravelTuesday : A Visit To Urban Gourmet Burgers Nairobi

Check out my review of a Nairobi burger restaurant called Urban Gourmet Burgers on the latest Lindsay Lovin’ Life post ❤

Urban Gourmet 1 Cover.jpg

We’ve been eating our way around Nairobi from the first day we arrived. My husband recommended Urban Gourmet Burgers as one of his favourite places to get a delicious burger and it didn’t disappoint! I checked their menu out online and felt spoiled for choice. S ordered the Texas burger, which is a beef patty with bacon, cheese and a fried egg. I ordered the cheese burger and barbecue wings. We opted for one side of fries and a side of onion rings.

Urban Gourmet 7Urban Gourmet 8

They delivered to our home (for a fee of course) and I was impressed by the packaging. We received extras like coleslaw, pickled vegetables and a variety of sauces as well, which was a pleasant surprise.

Urban Gourmet 2Urban Gourmet 1Urban Gourmet 3

The cheese burger was beyond delicious! The patty was well seasoned and cooked to a perfect medium rare. The bun was soft, not flaky and the salad was fresh. It was…

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