Soulful Sunday: How To Be A Happy Mother

Are you a happy mom? Would you like tips on becoming a happier mom? Check out my tips on how to be a happy mom + bonus affirmations!

How To Be A Happier Mother.jpeg

The moment you hold your child in your arms for the first time you become the friend, confidant, teacher, transport, cheerleader, chef, personal assistant, motivational speaker and so much more! Biology is the least of the factors that makes you a mother but the connection you form with your child does.

Motherhood is not about who packs the healthiest lunch, who buys the coolest toys, who’s child walks first or talks first, who’s child is the best at math, who’s is the cleanest or who’s birthday party is the biggest. It is about the connection you make with your child, the lessons you will teach each other and the journey you have to walk together. It isn’t always beautiful, fun, wonderful or easy, but the magnificent moments make all the challenging ones worthwhile. Motherhood displays the beauty of unconditional love, whether this love is for your own child, a step-child…

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