#WritingWednesday – Inspired By A True Story: A Dead Daughter’s Plead To Her Mama

Please read this short story I wrote based on the murder of the three-year-old Courtney Peters. South African women and children are not safe at the moment. Please raise awareness of our plight.

A Dead Daughter's Plead To Her Mama

I had another, lighter topic in mind for this weeks Writing Wednesday, but I had this story build up in me that I had to share with you. This story is inspired by true events. It may be a work of fiction for you or I, but it is a reality for so many families every single day. Please read it till the end.

A Dead Daughter’s Plead To Her Mama

Mama! Don’t cry Mama, you know it hurts me when I see you crying. I know you’ve been looking for me for some time now. You’ve begged and pleaded with God to bring me back safely, I am safe now Mama. Really safe.  I promise. I’ll miss you and Daddy too. I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now. I’m sorry that I caused you so much pain. I know you love me so deeply, because I’m your…

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