7 Day Happiness Challenge Day 3: Watch A Funny YouTube Video

In need of a laugh this Friday? Check out my favourite funny animal videos on YouTube as part of the 7 Day Happiness Challenge. I hope you have a fantastic Friday!

7 Day Happiness Challenge Day 3

Welcome to the third day of my 7 Day Happiness Challenge, where I dedicate a few minutes of the day to consciously choosing to be happy.

7 Day Happiness Challenge

Iā€™d like to share my favourite funny YouTube videos with you and hopefully share the happiness bug. Enjoy!

What is your favourite funny YouTube Video? Let me know by commenting below! Feel free to share a link to your favourite funny YouTube video in the comments below as well.

Love and Blessings,

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11 thoughts on “7 Day Happiness Challenge Day 3: Watch A Funny YouTube Video

      1. It is more than worth it. We just got an Amazon Prime membership. I hear there’s lots of cool things to check out there as well. The only issue I have is time…

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      2. I watched all of Prison Break (of course), I watched Longmire, Hell on Wheels and Luther. I enjoyed Stranger Things and now I’m TRYING to muddle through House of Cards…even though I bought the first season. Now I know why I didn’t watch it. I can’t wrap my head around Kevin Spacey talking directly to the camera. Somehow, to me, it negates the seriousness of what’s going on. LOL

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