Free Printable Ice Cream Maths Activity – How Many Ice Creams?

How many ice creams? Free printable counting activity for Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade learners on Lindsay Lovin’ Life today. Check it out!

Free Printable Ice Cream Maths Activity

Hi again,

I’ve taken a one day break from the ice cream numbers colouring pages, but if you are interested in downloading and printing those free printables you can find them here:

1 Colouring Page

Number 1 Colouring Page

Number 2 Colouring Page

Number 3 Colouring Page

Number 4 Colouring Page

Number 5 Colouring Page

Today’s printable is a counting activity for Kindergarten or first grade children. They simply have to count how many ice creams are in each grid and circle the correct number from the given answers in the same grid.

How Many Ice Creams WorksheetHow Many Ice Creams Worksheet

I’ll be back tomorrow to share more ice cream colouring pages with you. I hope your children enjoy this activity and I can’t wait to see you here next time!

Love and Blessings,

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