Free Printable Kids Activity – Count and Colour the Fruit

Check out my latest blog post with a free printable count and colour activity worksheet for Kindergartners and first graders. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment as well.

Free Printable Children's Activity

Hi there!

I hope you are ready for a new printable today now that the Ice Cream Numbers series is complete. Feel free to click the blue link to download those numbers if you don’t have them already.

So on to today’s printable:

Count and colour the fruit worksheetCount and colour the fruit worksheet

This is a little something I made and each block contains instructions for your child to follow. It is perfect for children who are learning to count up to 10 and know the names of the colours. I hope you enjoy this printable and look forward to seeing you in the next one. Let me know if you like them by commenting below!

Know or have a little one who loves Summer? Then they’ll love the Adventurous Alex series:

Adventurous Alex – Off to the Park Adventurous Alex – Off to the ZooAdventurous Alex – Off to the Beach


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