Free Printable Kids Activity – Continents and Oceans Crossword & Subtract or Add

Have a look and download two new free printables aimed at older kids on Lindsay Lovin’ Life.

Free Printable Children's Activity

Hey there! How’s your weekend going?

My step-daughter is over for the weekend and the kids are having an awesome time together so far. It is very cold in Cape Town, which is quite a shock to the system now that I’m used to the warmer Nairobi climate. We are sitting in front of the fire and enjoying each other’s company for most of the day.

I feel inspired to share two printables aimed at older kids. One is an Oceans and Continents Word Search and the other is an Subtract or Add Worksheet.

Continents and Oceans Crossword

Continents and Oceans Crossword

Continents and Oceans Crossword Solution

subtract or addsubtract or add

I hope your kids or special kids in your life will enjoy these worksheets. I’ll post some of my little one’s works some time as well. He’s been enjoying the Ice Cream Numbers worksheets the most. Let me know what you think of these…

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