Manifestation Monday: Clarity Affirmations

Hello there and welcome to Manifestation Monday. The focus of today’s post is clarity. I’ve been battling with foggy thoughts these days. Most days feel like I can hardly cope with what I have to deal with. I hope these affirmations bring me closer to the clarity I need so desperately right now. Feel free… Continue reading Manifestation Monday: Clarity Affirmations


The Potty Training Woes and Oh Nos!

We bought this awesome Fisher Price My Potty Buddy (or Cheer for Me Potty) from Takealot. As soon as it arrived the Little One asked, “What’s in the box?” I tore at the package excitedly and assembled it as quickly as I could. My son fell in love instantly, particularly with the reflective flush handle… Continue reading The Potty Training Woes and Oh Nos!