Manifestation Monday: Family Affirmations

There’s something about the holidays that just brings family members together. I have seen more family members in these past two months than I have all year and this number will just increase on Christmas Day. This provided inspiration for me to share a few family quotes and affirmations with you today. I would like… Continue reading Manifestation Monday: Family Affirmations

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Step Parenting Affirmations

My step parenting journey has not been as tumultuous as some of you may have experienced with your step child/ren. We met before she started formal schooling and have been quite close ever since. It was extremely difficult to say goodbye to her earlier this year and I’ve spent many nights in tears, because I… Continue reading Step Parenting Affirmations


Manifestation Monday: Rest Affirmations

It seems like the festive season is in full swing here in South Africa. There’s so much traffic on the roads, sales leaflets are stuffed into our mailbox almost daily and the malls are absolutely packed with eager holiday shoppers. The holidays have come around, but how many of us actually spend this time resting… Continue reading Manifestation Monday: Rest Affirmations


Manifestation Monday: Clarity Affirmations

Hello there and welcome to Manifestation Monday. The focus of today’s post is clarity. I’ve been battling with foggy thoughts these days. Most days feel like I can hardly cope with what I have to deal with. I hope these affirmations bring me closer to the clarity I need so desperately right now. Feel free… Continue reading Manifestation Monday: Clarity Affirmations


Manifestation Monday: Compassion Affirmations

The word compassion means “to suffer together” or as defines it as ‘a feeling of distress and pity for the suffering or misfortune of another, often including the desire to alleviate it.’ I find myself writing this set of affirmations and collecting the following quotes, because it seems like compassion is hard to come… Continue reading Manifestation Monday: Compassion Affirmations


Manifestation Monday: Boundaries Affirmations

Setting strong boundaries is quite a difficult thing for me to do as I’m more of a people pleaser than I would like to admit. This puts me in many situations that I would not like to be in or doing something that I have no interest in doing. Having boundaries is essential for all… Continue reading Manifestation Monday: Boundaries Affirmations

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Manifestation Monday: Growth Affirmations

Growth is defined as developing, maturing, blooming and thriving. Every day is an opportunity to better ourselves and grow. This Manifestation Monday was inspired by this quote I posted on my blog earlier today: Ways that we can grow include: Accept and enjoy where you are in life right now. Set goals. Be compassionate and… Continue reading Manifestation Monday: Growth Affirmations

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Manifestation Monday: Bliss Affirmations

Bliss is defined as perfect happiness or great joy and who wouldn’t want to attract more of that if they could? It’s becoming more difficult to focus on the positive things in life these days, especially with all the negativity circulating in the media and other platforms. We are constantly bombarded with these messages that… Continue reading Manifestation Monday: Bliss Affirmations

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Manifestation Monday: Silence Affirmations

Good Morning from a cold and overcast Cape Town. I’ll be focussing on silence this Manifestation Monday. By focussing on silence and being silent we take the time to reenergise and reconnect with our inner balance or peace. We often detach from this inner peace and succumb to stress, but a moment of silence is… Continue reading Manifestation Monday: Silence Affirmations