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Freebie Friday – Dancersaur

My lovely book Dancersaur is free today on Amazon. Get your free copy of Dancersaur here *Also available in paperback. Dancersaur tells the tale of Becky Brontosaurus, who wants to become something no dinosaur has become before…a ballerina! Her parents disapprove of her goal, telling her that “dancing isn’t a dinosaur thing to do.” Instead… Continue reading Freebie Friday – Dancersaur

My Books

Dancersaur: Now Available in Paperback

I DID IT! Dancersaur is  finally available on paperback. Be the first to purchase a paperback copy of Dancersaur here Buy an e-copy of Dancersaur here   Join Becky Brontosaurus on a fun adventure! All the dinosaurs in Becky’s neighbourhood are happy doing their boring dinosaur jobs, but this isn’t enough for Becky. She wants… Continue reading Dancersaur: Now Available in Paperback

Colouring Page

Free Colouring Pages: Dancersaur

Hello!   I’ve finally released my book Dancersaur. It’s a wonderful moral tale of a dinosaur who tries her best to become a ballerina, despite the lack of support from her family. Will she prove them wrong or is ballet really not a dinosaur thing?   I’ve created these lovely colouring pages for you to… Continue reading Free Colouring Pages: Dancersaur