#Blogmas Day 24 – What I’m Grateful For This Christmas

Hi there! We made it to the 24th day of Blogmas. I’m doing a happy dance in my seat right now. I’m really proud of myself, because I was unable to complete Blogmas last year and set a goal to finish this year. I also didn’t finish NaNoWriMo this year, due to health issues but… Continue reading #Blogmas Day 24 – What I’m Grateful For This Christmas


Manifestation Monday: Family Affirmations

There’s something about the holidays that just brings family members together. I have seen more family members in these past two months than I have all year and this number will just increase on Christmas Day. This provided inspiration for me to share a few family quotes and affirmations with you today. I would like… Continue reading Manifestation Monday: Family Affirmations


Manifestation Monday: Clarity Affirmations

Hello there and welcome to Manifestation Monday. The focus of today’s post is clarity. I’ve been battling with foggy thoughts these days. Most days feel like I can hardly cope with what I have to deal with. I hope these affirmations bring me closer to the clarity I need so desperately right now. Feel free… Continue reading Manifestation Monday: Clarity Affirmations


Manifestation Monday: Boundaries Affirmations

Setting strong boundaries is quite a difficult thing for me to do as I’m more of a people pleaser than I would like to admit. This puts me in many situations that I would not like to be in or doing something that I have no interest in doing. Having boundaries is essential for all… Continue reading Manifestation Monday: Boundaries Affirmations

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Manifestation Monday: Growth Affirmations

Growth is defined as developing, maturing, blooming and thriving. Every day is an opportunity to better ourselves and grow. This Manifestation Monday was inspired by this quote I posted on my blog earlier today: Ways that we can grow include: Accept and enjoy where you are in life right now. Set goals. Be compassionate and… Continue reading Manifestation Monday: Growth Affirmations