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Free Printable: Shapes

my shapes book.jpg

I homeschool my two year old son. I’ve decided on weekly themes to ensure that he learns something new constantly. This week is shapes week. I made a few printables and I would love to share them with you.

The first is a Shapes booklet with items you can print and stick up at home, put in a folder or let your child trace with a crayon or marker.

My Shapes Booklet

These are shapes flashcards that you can print on card stock and cut out. I printed two copies so my son could match them.

Shapes Flashcards.jpg

Shapes Flashcards


Here are the individual printables available in the booklet if you are interested in a single section.

Shapes – Black and White

Shapes- Colour

Can you name the shapes

Draw Your Own Shapes – Black and White


I hope you and your kids have fun with these printables.


3 thoughts on “Free Printable: Shapes

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    Throwback: Shapes Printable and flashcards I’ve made a while ago. The Little One still uses them today. He is able to identify and name all the shapes after he used these printables. I hope it will help your children too 🙂


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