Getting To Know Your Child or Stepchild Questionnaire + Free Printable

This was a post I wanted to post yesterday for Step mom Sunday, but getting to know your child isn’t restricted to step mothers or step parents. Taking interest in your child is a daily exercise and shouldn’t stop even when they are adults. Here are a few questions you can ask your child to get to know them better or build a strong foundation with your stepchild. Other ways we can get to know our children is to spend more time with them and do fun activities together. Doing chores and taking a walk with my stepdaughter gave us a moment to talk and find out about each other as well.

I’ve separated them into little kids and older children questionnaires. They are free for you to download and print:

Getting To Know You Questionnaire Little Kids.jpg




You could also use this as a test to find out how many questions you can answer. I hope this is a fun and insightful activity for you and your children.

Let me know what you think of these questionnaires by commenting below!

Love and Blessings,



14 thoughts on “Getting To Know Your Child or Stepchild Questionnaire + Free Printable

  1. Dear Lindsay, your questionnaires are brilliant – so insightful! As a mother of two step-children (now adults)and an adopted son (the latter is already married and a father of four of my adorable grandkids), I can only compliment your thoughtfulness and creative energy.

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    1. Thank you very much for always being so kind. ❤ Wow! So you must have had a very full and happy home when they were little. It's really difficult sometimes, because she is away and I have a little cry or feel sad. I'm really looking forward to seeing her these holidays. You are so blessed! ❤

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      1. Actually, I had a very full home in a different way. My step-twins have been with their mother in a different city, so we only got to spend time with them on some holidays. My adopted son came into our lives as a teenager (a foster child at first) but from a very difficult background. You can see and hear him if you have a moment to look at this post:
        Through fostering, I came into close contact and became aware of many issues in the purvey of the Department of Children and Families. I’ve consulted on some of the cases, and eventually my husband and I started a small private school for children with special needs. I am now semi-retired, and the school is spearheaded by others whom I had trained, but I am still very much a children advocate! So yes, my life has been blessed with children’s achievement and children’s laughter!

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