Writing Wednesday: Traditional or Self-Publishing?

Traditional or self publishingSo you’ve got a book idea or even a manuscript, but you are unsure how you should publish your masterpiece. There’s lots of sites and blog posts that outline the pros and cons of self and traditional publishing. The amount of information can send you into a tailspin (I know). I’ve found this simplified chart on Pinterest by thewritelife.com. I hope it will help you decide which route to take.


I’ve opted for self-publishing. Which publishing type do you prefer? Let me know by commenting below!



Lindsay Sign Off

40 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Traditional or Self-Publishing?

    1. I write children’s books. 🙂 I’m working on a couple of illustrations for a revamp of the Jungle Myths and Tales series, then I’ll be moving on to all new books that I’ve been hoarding for a while. 🙂

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      1. Ooooo that’s fantastic! I’ll have to watch your posts bc this is becoming the year of my friends getting pregnant and I’m that token friend who basically buys all the books for the baby shower haha I’ll totally keep my eye out!

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  1. Self-published – I learned to do everything with the exception of printing and binding the physical books. I LOVE IT. Not to say I wouldn’t be just as excited with a traditional publishing contract, it’s just been most satisfying having control over the process from start to finish.

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  2. What a great chart Lindsay. In the past I’ve had articles published in magazines but I’m seriously thinking of going down the self publishing road now and doing something completely different.

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      1. What a wonderful thing to say Lindsay. That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking these past couple of months … something a bit inspirational with the photos. It’s there like an itch that I can’t let go.

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  3. My writing partner and I decided to pursue traditional publishing. So far, the first agent we submitted pages to asked for the entire manuscript (100,400 words, 1st book of a YA Scifi Trilogy). Then she asked us to do some particular kinds of re-writes and re-submit it. Following our second round of beta readers, I’m working on the “final” edit now. And if the 1st agent takes a pass, we now have a list of others who might be perfect matches for us. We keep moving forward.

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      1. Thanks, Lindsay. We know there may be a long road ahead, but at least we have a plan. 🙂 We also have a plan to develop personal traditions to celebrate, rather than feel dejected by, every rejection we may meet before someone with vision sees our potential! 😉

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  4. I’m self publishing through Xlibris; the interior file is almost sorted, book cover completed. My first soft science fiction novel SYMAN is due out on Amazon at the end of January 2017.


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