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Step Parenting Affirmations

My step parenting journey has not been as tumultuous as some of you may have experienced with your step child/ren. We met before she started formal schooling and have been quite close ever since. It was extremely difficult to say goodbye to her earlier this year and I’ve spent many nights in tears, because I missed her so much. Loving a step child is indescribable. Our relationship is different from the one between my son and I, because I choose to love my step daughter every day. I care about her and worry about her twice as much as I do with my son. She is just so special and lovable. I could talk about her for hours (as you can tell). Here are some step parenting quotes and affirmations to encourage you if you are a step parent. If you know someone who is a step parent and you believe that they need some inspiration today, please share this post with them.


Step Parent Quotes 3.jpg

Step Parenting Quote.jpg

Step Parent Affirmations.jpg

I hope you enjoyed these quotes and affirmations. Let me know what you think of them by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off

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